Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Apr 6, 2010 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Broadcaster

Krishnan Guru-Murthy first appeared on the BBC’s DEF II programme Open to Question in 1988, and later presented the BBC’s children’s news programme, Newsround from 1991 to 1994. After spending three years as a producer and reporter for BBC’s Newsnight he became one of the first presenters of the BBC’s then-new rolling news channel, BBC News 24.

After ten years at the BBC he joined Channel 4 in 1998. He anchors the Channel 4 Evening News from Friday to Sunday, and was the main anchor for the News at Noon on weekdays.

logoiconYou’ve been on twitter for just over a year now, have you found it addictive at all? How did you break the addiction?

Krishnan Guru-MurthyIt can be quite addictive…but to be honest i don’t have time to become too hooked

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Jonathan Fields

Dec 7, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Author

Jonathan Fields describes himself as “a giddy dad, husband, New Yorker, multi-time health & fitness industry entrepreneur, recovering S.E.C./mega-firm hedge-fund lawyer, slightly-warped, unusually-stretchy, spiritually-inclined, obsessed with creation, small-biz and online marketing-catalyst, speaker, direct-response copywriter, entrepreneur-coach, yoga-teacher, columnist, author, once-a-decade hook-rug savant, pro-blogger and career renegade™…gone wild.”

It’s this last bit which has brought Jonathan to global acclaim with his Career Renegade book guiding people who want to redesign their life and work, to focus around the things that they love to do – while still earning.

You can get Jonathan’s highly recommended book – Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love

logoiconYour Career Renegade book has been an inspiration to many people, what books have inspired you in 2009?

Jonathan FieldsFierce Leadership, The Servant Leader, Trust Agents, How We Decide, Predictably Irrational and Green Eggs and Ham (an oldie, but a goodie!)

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Chris Addison

Oct 11, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Actor, Author, Comedian

Chris Addison is a stand-up comedian, author, actor and writer who is probably best known today for his roles in BBC TV series The Thick of It and the film spin-off In The Loop.

Chris began stand-up in 1995, aged 23, and won the City Life Comedian of the Year that very same year! He subsequently performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, garnering Perrier Comedy Award nominations. Two of his shows were later adapted for Radio 4.

Chris has also written two books, both published by Hodder and Stoughton: “Cautionary Tales for Grown Ups” in 2006, followed by “It Wasn’t Me: Why Everybody is to Blame and You’re Not” in 2008. Books, vids, etc

Chris is on tour in early 2010, check out his official website for details:

logoiconStand-up, Radio, TV, films – where is your book, stadium tour and film directorial debut?

Chris AddisonI already wrote 2 books. My favourite is I loved writing it. I did a stadium tour, but in 1972, so you won’t remember.

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