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John Thomson twitterview

Jun 17, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Actor, Broadcaster, Comedian, Musician

John Thomson is probably best known for his roles in the hit TV shows “The Fast Show” and “Cold Feet”, but his career has also seen him appear alongside Steve Coogan in “Knowing Me, Knowing You … with Alan Partridge”, “Coogan’s Run” and the film “24 Hour Party People” – the pair also won the Perrier Comedy Award for their act at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1992.

His role as Pete Gifford in “Cold Feet” led to a Best Tv Comedy Actor nomination, and his “Hobson’s Choice” stage role earned him an award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. After a guest stint on “Coronation Street” in 2008, John has returned for a six month contract on the Street.

logoiconYou turned down a scholarship in the US to study at Manchester – what do you think you’d be doing if you had accepted?

John ThomsonI turned down a drumming Scholarship in the states ,so if I had taken it I’d be drumming, rather than acting for a living.


Gail Porter twitterview

Jun 15, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Broadcaster, TV Presenter

Gail Porter first came to public awareness via her television presenting work on such programmes as “Fully Booked”, “The Movie Chart Show” and “Live and Kicking”. She shot to even greater heights after she began to pose for photos for mens magazines such as FHM, including a shot of her nude from behind that was beamed onto the side of the Houses of Parliament as a PR stunt.

Since 2005 Porter has suffered from Alopecia causing her to lose much of her hair, which she refused to hide with a wig but instead became a prominent figure in raising awareness of the condition. Her autobiography was published in 2007.

logoiconWikipedia says you tried to join Blue Peter? True? Who got the job instead of you?

GailPorterI went for an audition for blue peter but I didn’t make it. Quite glad as it was a bit too goodie goodie for me.


David Schneider twitterview

Jun 10, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Actor, Comedian, Director

David Schneider’s appearances in brilliant comedies such as radio’s “On The Hour”, it’s TV spin-off “The Day Today”, and the Steve Coogan vehicles “Knowing Me Knowing You… With Alan Partridge” and “I’m Alan Partridge” has secured his place in comedy history. Also an accomplished writer and director, Schneider has carved out a successful career considering he studied modern languages and Yiddish Drama!

Schneider has also been in a number of highly successful films such as “28 Days Later”, “A Knight’s Tale” and “Mission:Impossible” and is currently appearing in a film directed by David Baddiel.

logoiconYou’ve been in classic comedies – The Day Today, I’m Alan Partridge, etc – did studying Yiddish Drama help with those roles

DavidSchneiderAbsolutely. All the rehearsals were conducted in Yiddish. And you’ll notice that in most of my roles I look Jewish



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