David Schneider’s appearances in brilliant comedies such as radio’s “On The Hour”, it’s TV spin-off “The Day Today”, and the Steve Coogan vehicles “Knowing Me Knowing You… With Alan Partridge” and “I’m Alan Partridge” has secured his place in comedy history. Also an accomplished writer and director, Schneider has carved out a successful career considering he studied modern languages and Yiddish Drama!

Schneider has also been in a number of highly successful films such as “28 Days Later”, “A Knight’s Tale” and “Mission:Impossible” and is currently appearing in a film directed by David Baddiel.

logoiconYou’ve been in classic comedies – The Day Today, I’m Alan Partridge, etc – did studying Yiddish Drama help with those roles

DavidSchneiderAbsolutely. All the rehearsals were conducted in Yiddish. And you’ll notice that in most of my roles I look Jewish

logoiconIt’s said you have a sitcom in the works set in the office of a celebrity magazine – true? If so, when will we see it?

DavidSchneiderWikipedia’s wonderful, isn’t it? – I directed a pilot for ITV but they didn’t go with it. But I’m not bitter. Really. No. Really.

logoiconYou seem to be tweeting a lot – is it a new way to waste time, or are you the master of your twitter use?

DavidSchneiderI am Twitter’s bitch. Twitter’s gimp. I’m addicted. It’s the earning a living/eating/sleeping bit that’s the time-waster now.


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