Gail Porter first came to public awareness via her television presenting work on such programmes as “Fully Booked”, “The Movie Chart Show” and “Live and Kicking”. She shot to even greater heights after she began to pose for photos for mens magazines such as FHM, including a shot of her nude from behind that was beamed onto the side of the Houses of Parliament as a PR stunt.

Since 2005 Porter has suffered from Alopecia causing her to lose much of her hair, which she refused to hide with a wig but instead became a prominent figure in raising awareness of the condition. Her autobiography was published in 2007.

logoiconWikipedia says you tried to join Blue Peter? True? Who got the job instead of you?

GailPorterI went for an audition for blue peter but I didn’t make it. Quite glad as it was a bit too goodie goodie for me.

logoiconYou’ve had a famous battle with Alopecia, do you think your honesty about it has helped others?

GailPorterI think being honest about my alopecia hopefully has helped other sufferers realize they are not alone.

logoiconWhat’s the attraction of twitter for you? And will the (becoming legendary) fluff reports continue?

GailPorterI love the fact that Twitter is instant. I know I can count on someone to talk to and make me smile at all times of the day/night.

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