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Jon Ronson twitterview

Aug 28, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Author, Broadcaster, Journalist

Author and broadcaster Jon Ronson is a Cardiff-born journalist whose distinctive reporting style and subjects have entertained readers of his Guardian column, viewers of his documentaries and readers of his five books.

His third book, The Men Who Stare at Goats is a major motion picture staring George Clooney due out later in 2009, while his second book Them: Adventures with Extremists is also reported to have been optioned by a Hollywood studio.

You can view the trailer for The Men Who Stare at Goats here.

logoiconThe Men Who Stare At Goats is becoming a movie starring George Clooney – how weird do you find that?

Jon RonsonI’ve seen the film and I love it – it is very warm and funny – so I feel proud.


Richard Herring twitterview

Aug 4, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Actor, Author, Comedian

Comedian Richard Herring has been described as “one of the leading hidden masters of modern British comedy”. Famously one half of “Lee and Herring” with Stewart Lee, Herring was a regular feature on TV, radio and stage during the 90s.

Since ending his partnership with Lee, Herring has written a number of books, writes a popular daily blog which is now 7 years old, has a popular podcast with 6 Music presenter (and other twitterview interviewee) Andrew Collins, and is currently enjoying success with his “Hitler’s Moustache” Edinburgh comedy show.

logoiconWhat came first the ‘tache or the idea for the ‘tache show? And why?

Richard HerringThe idea was 1st. I am not sure quite how it came about, but started wondering why tache had taken rap for Hitler and if that could change.



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