For a certain generation Erkan Mustafa will forever be “Roland” (or “Row-Land!”) the boy with the slightly larger frame in what is seen as the classic days of BBC TV Series “Grange Hill”.

In October 2009, as a final goodbye to Grange Hill after 30 years, Erkan is hosting one last Grange Hill Cast Reunion at the Sound nightclub in London’s Leicester Square. The proceeds of the event will go to charity.

You can get your tickets from Erkan’s website.

logoiconYou will forever be Roland to a generation – has that been a positive or negative thing, personally and professionaliy.

Erkan MustafaBeing Roland has always been exciting both professionally and personally. I’d happily do it all again.

logoiconYou are trying to organise a Grange Hill Reunion – has Twitter, Facebook, etc. helped in tracking people down?

Erkan MustafaMany of the cast are difficult to track down, but thanks to the general public on twitter and facebook we have managed to find a few.

logoicon There have been a number of GH reunions over the years – why is this one special?

Erkan MustafaThis reunion is special because its the first time 30 years of cast will be in the same place at the same time and its for charity

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