Krishnan Guru-Murthy first appeared on the BBC’s DEF II programme Open to Question in 1988, and later presented the BBC’s children’s news programme, Newsround from 1991 to 1994. After spending three years as a producer and reporter for BBC’s Newsnight he became one of the first presenters of the BBC’s then-new rolling news channel, BBC News 24.

After ten years at the BBC he joined Channel 4 in 1998. He anchors the Channel 4 Evening News from Friday to Sunday, and was the main anchor for the News at Noon on weekdays.

logoiconYou’ve been on twitter for just over a year now, have you found it addictive at all? How did you break the addiction?

Krishnan Guru-MurthyIt can be quite addictive…but to be honest i don’t have time to become too hooked

logoiconDid you join Twitter for personal or professional reasons? How does it help/has it helped with your job?

Krishnan Guru-MurthyFor professional reasons – and yes it has helped, and we’re exploring new ways of using it, and I rather enjoy it for personal reasons too.

logoiconYou’ve been involved in news reporting for quite a while now – how do you react to claims that it is dumbing down in general?

Krishnan Guru-MurthyI think on the whole TV News is better than it has ever been. But some programmes are not what they used to be, and have gone downmarket.

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