Emma Kennedy twitterview

May 9, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Actor, Author, Comedian

Emma Kennedy began performing at university, becoming President of The Oxford Revue. Upon graduating, Emma trained as a solicitor and for three years practised in London. She left the law in 1995 and has been writing and performing ever since. Her latest book “The Tent, the Bucket and Me” was released in March 2009

logoiconHas Twitter helped you with promoting your new book? Does being the 102nd Most Influential Person on Twitter mean anything?

emmakennedyI think a few more people have been made aware of it. I was very surprised to be so high up. I think it’s because I try and reply to tweeps.

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Stephen Fry twitterview

May 1, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Actor, Author, Comedian, Director, TV Presenter

Stephen Fry – to give a bio of Stephen Fry would take a lot more space than we have. He’s a master of many things and a wonderfully charming gent to boot. A new series of Kingdom is due on ITV very soon.

logoiconYou are the King of Twitter – do you think Twitter is passing fad or the next step in the net revolution?

sfrypicNot a passing fad, but a small hummock on the way to future peaks we can only guess at.
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Jimmy Carr twitterview

Apr 22, 2009 Author: Peekay | Filed under: Comedian, TV Presenter

Jimmy Carr – as a masterful comedian Jimmy is a household name in the UK, with his stand-up and TV presenting. Jimmy is also a rising star in the US, where his profile continues to grow. Jimmy’s Joke Technician tour is running until August 2009, when his Rapier Wit tour begins, get your tickets.

logoiconYour twitter used to be just PR stuff – what/who made you make it personal? Are you addicted yet?

jimmycarrI’m really enjoying twitter. Jonathan Ross got me into it. it’s no pressure broadcasting cause you only talk to people who want to follow.
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